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The soul temple

The soul temple





Registration deadline: 10th AUGUST 2022
Submission deadline: 15th AUGUST 2022
The submission deadline for all the participants who registered from 21st July to 10th August is 25th AUGUST 2022
Result announcement: 30th AUGUST 2022
*All the Deadlines are 23:59 IST (INDIA)
The following dates can be a subject of modification, if necessary.


Urbanization, which is defined as a rise in the number of cities and urban population, is not only a demographic trend, but also encompasses social, economic, and psychological changes. One of the most pressing global health challenges of the twenty-first century is the increasing growth of urban populations around the world.
With urbanisation comes a distinct combination of benefits and drawbacks. This population shift is accompanied by economic expansion and industrialisation, as well as significant shifts in social structure and family life patterns. Increased stresses and factors such as an overcrowded and polluted environment, high levels of violence, and limited social support all have an impact on mental health. The challenges are diverse and the entire population is affected by urbanisation.

Psychoses, depression, sociopathy, substance abuse, alcoholism, criminality, delinquency, vandalism, family dissolution, and estrangement are only a few of the diseases and deviancies linked to urbanisation. Given the wide range of health and wellness outcomes linked to environment exposure, the loss in nature experiences could be a direct cause to these difficulties. Exposure to nature has an important behavioural component with people choosing how often and how long they interact with the natural world.

Hence, people need a place where they can interact with nature and their inner self. Studies have showed that spending more time with nature and having a quiet place to meditate helps with a lot of physical and mental problems that one faces in urban lifestyle. Not the gardens, not the parks, but a space dedicated specifically to achieve peace of mind.

Design a space for people to go to find inner peace. A place where they can interact with nature and meditate in peace. A space where one can find exposure to the environment. Craft a space where people can achieve their peace of mind in betweeen the hustles of their city lives.
● Aim is to provide a space for people to self therapise themselves or in small groups to keep up with the pace of urban cities.
● Outline a space which takes people away from their daily struggles and problems, and helps them in achieving their harmony.
● Incorporate spaces for therapeutic activities like meditation, yoga etc.
● Incorporate nature integrated/interactive solutions
● The space should work alike for people of every age group
● There is no site restriction
● There is no area restriction


● The Proposal to be presented on One Landscape Oriented A1 Sheet.
● Proposals can be presented using any technique of your choice ( Sketches, 2D Drawings, 3D Visualizations, Models, etc. )
● Team code (UIC) to be mentioned on the Top Right-Hand corner of the sheet.
● The proposal MUST NOT include any information (name, Organization, School, etc.) that may give away your identity.
● All text must be in ENGLISH, with a maximum of 150 words for project explanation.
● All dimensions should be imperial or metric units.


Anyone can participate irrespective of profession or qualification, and present their ideas. Participants can submit multiple entries but that would require multiple registrations.
A team can have up to 3 members.

Total cash prize worth 21,000 INR.

Winner: Cash prize of INR 10000 + Acknowledgement on our website and social media + publication of the participants’ interview (Video) on website + 40% discount on your next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

1st Runner-up: Cash prize of INR 6500 + Acknowledgement on our website + publication of the participants’ interview (Video) on website + 30% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

2nd Runner-up: Cash prize of INR 4500 + Acknowledgement on our website + publication of the participants’ interview (Video) on website + 20% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

10 Honorable mentions: Acknowledgement on our website + 10% discount on our next architecture competition + certificate of achievement

Participation certificate for all the participants.


Entries will be evaluated based on the following criteria:



Click the above link for more details.


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