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Turn back time | reimagining alternative realities in present day context

Turn back time | reimagining alternative realities in present day context





Registration Deadline: 16th August 2021
Submission Deadline: 17th August  2021
Result Announcement: 14th October 2021


Every path mankind has taken so far is a result of many tiny forked alternatives where one was chosen over the other and that iterated over millenniums to shape our lifestyle today.

It is that experience of making choices/decisions that have taught us most of our lessons today that we pass on to people and it is the basis of wisdom mankind has developed so far. Evolution has something that has spanned overages and not a few years, and these layers continue to shape us every day.

But human nature is sophisticated and has continued to baffle sociologists for ages. The fear of making risky choices referring to conventional mindset evidently contains a human mindset a lot. Invisible boundaries, divisions, orthodox ideas - all at the expense of stability and survival. Which shapes how and what our world has become.

When we see our cities in this context, our accrued urban planning and collective construction knowledge has led us to a junction where most cities around the world are starting to look similar.

This in a way springs back to the mindset we discussed earlier of conformingto ‘What works - Still works’. The functional and economy-oriented outlook has silently stagnated our imagination in urban environments around the world in general.

The idea of this challenge is to shake our perception of urban environments today to civilizations that have existed in the past.

The questions:
What if we had a time machine to move the present-day scenario to a situation that could have happened with different life choices we took as a community? What if we could shake this preconceived notion of the urban environment and connect a past fork situation to the present?



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