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Uniata 2020

Uniata 2020





Launch : 10 June 2019

Public Voting opens: 20 June 2019

Midstage leaderboard release: 20 August 2019

Last date of Institutional Participation - Form submission: 20 December 2019

Last date of submission (All projects): 20 February 2020

Public Voting Closes: 20 April 2020

Announcement of Results: 20 May 2020


UnIATAis a biennial competition that presents a new generation of the world's best architects, urbanists and landscape architects together with their graduation projects. It forms one of the largest presentations of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally. With the world's best graduation projects UnIATApresents each edition with a new generation of the world’s most talented emerging architects, urbanists and landscape architects, who are ready and equipped to tackle all imaginable contemporary assignments.

The initiative reflects rapid international developments in the design disciplines. Recent decades have seen an explosive growth in the scale of international contact, resulting in lively exchanges world-wide. Increasing numbers of designers work on commissions abroad, professional journals are published on an international scale, and training colleges are becoming more and more international in their orientation.

These ideas are the foundation to new possibilities that has the ability to take architecture ahead. With not limited only in academia where they come from, but the whole fraternity with it. Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Award (UnIATA 2020 - Third Edition) is a step taken to identify and promote such exceptional projects across the globe. UnIATA will focus on the graduate and undergraduate projects happened in last 3 years and will bring it to the community of Uni.



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