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Villa vernacular - Kerala

Villa vernacular - Kerala





Registration Closes: 5 Apr 2021
Submission Deadline: 6 Apr 2021
Result Announcement: 3 Jun 2021


Our perception of leisure travel is changing in many ways due to many reasons lately. A trend shift where people now avoid crowded destinations against more peaceful solitude like places is not a surprise. Call it a pandemic risk or general change in mindset natural getaways and mostly countryside are gaining popularity the world over.

But the real game-changer in this shift is almost negligible commute for most office going population and this will continue with coming generations. While the usual hustle was to squeeze in a holiday at a weekend now working from anywhere has opened a possibility to live within a vacation Instead of short What does this mean for the leisure industry? What possibilities does this liberated work-home relationship hold for dense cities that require no commute?

The internet solves a lot of problems for the world, especially the one that pertains to distance. This unlocks the idea that we can live in less crowded places with rural & scenic qualities. We can choose where our window faces, how big the house can be, what all it needs, more like a farmhouse. Although farmhouses are short term leisure properties, this new typology can be of having long term stays for almost 50% of the year. But with new possibilities, it brings new challenges to the rural.

The idea of a city like a budget in rural areas brings a lot of decision making powers to architects and the clients they build for. The development control rules are lenient and possibilities are endless. This is liberating and alarming in all senses if we come to analyze it. The factor of rural fabric that can be hampered by such city-like construction styles is the biggest identity threat to the rapid rural expansion of the city. How can we find a balance?



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