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Sijal Sindhusuta & Gurleen Wazir

“As an architect, we design for the present, with an awareness of past, for a future which is essentially unknown.” In the ever changing world where technology is rapidly progressing with us humans adapting towards a newer future require a sense of belonging amidst all the stress of lives and thus homes become our little cocoons where we spend our maximum lives. Due to climate change and other adversities on Earth, 2122 will feel different to all of us. With finger touching changing panels on walls to vertical farming and the better utilization of space as future has maximum urban growth and for that accommodation will be a huge task to cater. Our design proposal Aangan is the amalgamation of Indian history with future. The inspiration is old but the application is future ready as the concepts of climate responsive building has been imbibed in our Indian Architecture from ancient times with use of courtyards, local materials, site contextual designing, stone jaali sun shades which reduce the effect of harsh radiation. 2122 will see an enormous change in materials with more focus on sustainability and adaptability towards climate and surroundings. The office culture will be hybrid which requires our home to accommodate spaces which are user friendly. Our site is in Hyderabad, Tech city of India which has continued to see urban growth in last decades and will carry forward the same in next century given the development happening in India with respect to Technology. The site is in Jubilee Hills overlooking water body towards north so designing in east west axis along with taking care of the prevailing West winds with use of courtyard which has an openable roof system. 5 elements in the house played a major role in our design with sky courts, pool area, earth element as in vertical farming. The client is a horticulturist and has keen interest in sustainable living so solar panels for electricity, vertical garden for food, rain water harvesting for storing water as Hyderabad faces water crisis. The idea is to provide an abode which ensure holistic growth of a person with harmony so we have also given prayer room as well as place for yoga inside the house around courtyard. Cross Laminated Timber has been used for the construction as it has proven to be a sustainable material for construction and is less damaged by moisture. The glass used here responds to daylighting and adjust light coming in and louvers are used for wind control inside house. The Garage contains Electric car charging space along with robot maintenance tools.
The Angan is home where families dwell in constant admiration for nature and its elements.

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