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All Season Library

Haoye Xu

• Introduction
Lighting condition is crucial to reading. It is harmful to physical well-being when one reads under any extreme illumination environment. Direct sunlight should be avoided in the space for reading. In any gloomy weather, the space needs to receive enough illumination. Inspired by the binary climate characteristic in Yunnan region, a simple and low-cost method is applied to this project to provide best lighting quality to the library space, at the same time, create a weather adaptive performance space.

As media of reading is dramatically renovating, the issue caused by lighting condition is getting even worse.

• Site
Factors like monsoon, elevation, location, etc. shape a unique climate type in Yunnan province, China. The temperature is springlike for the whole year. Rainfall and sunshine reach to their peak alternately during a year, 85% of precipitation is contributed to the rainy season, from May to October. The rest of the year is mostly dry and cloudy.

Yunnan province is one of these long-lasting tourist destinations in China. Yunnan is famed for its traditional music and dance played in the open air.

The site of this project, close to Tuan Shan, a historic village in Yunnan frequently accepting tourists, is approachable from both outside transportation and the village. In addition to an enclosed for locals to get access to books and electrical devices, a semi open space is also designed as a place tourists mingle with locals, and they can exchange their knowledge and culture.

• Detail and Net Zero
The motorized movable roof has wheels and tracks attached so that it can runs automatically between two sides of the building. During dry season it stays on top of enclosed area, and vice versa.

Even if the weather is changeable (not common in this area), the roof can move to the proper side easily. Solar panels installed on the roof convert solar energy to desired electric energy consumed by the building. Limited by the seasonal sunlight, embedded battery is designed to make sure the building receives consistent power input. Benefit from the temperate weather, HVAC is not in a high demand, the energy consumption is relatively low.

• Program
-Performance Space
1. Stage
The place locals hold their traditional music and dance performance.
When no event is scheduled, it can be a playground for children.
2. Audience Area
Anyone could take a seat to watch the show, when no event is scheduled, it can be a place for people to communicate or just take a rest.
3. Covered Audience Area underneath

-Reading Space Learning Room
4. Auditorium
Classes taught by volunteers to help locals gain more knowledge.
When no class is scheduled, it is also a good space for reading/ browsing internet.
5. Device Donation and Storage Room underneath
Tourists can donate either books or abandoned electrical device to the locals in this room and lockers are provided to keep them.

-Reading Space Resource Room
6. Book Display area
Books and electrical equipment are displayed in this area.
7. Reading desks

Library is the main program to improve the accessibility of knowledge to locals
*Dry season, reading space is blocked from direct sunlight for a better reading experience.
*Rainy season, reading space receives more natural light for a brighter interior.

Temperate weather, very suitable for open space activity
*Dry season, performance space utilizes sunlight and natural ventilation in a spring like temperature.
*Rainy season, performance space is blocked from rain water to create a usable semi open space.

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