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Bridging Unit

Wenxin Li

This design caters to individuals who desire nomad lifestyle away from the bustle of city living.

With intense competition and other undesirable elements becoming increasingly prevalent in urban areas, more and more people are opting to leave behind city life and pursue an idealized existence in the countryside.

As such, this house must be versatile enough to accommodate two distinct scenarios: a stationary, settled lifestyle or a mobile, on-the-go way of living.

As the scale of this model expands, bridging units will be able to exchange energy with the city through the municipal pipe network, while simultaneously utilizing sunlight and rainwater in the suburbs for metabolic needs. This innovative energy exchange system allows for greater efficiency and sustainability, promoting a more eco-friendly and responsible living experience.

Moreover, this system also fosters a sense of community and resource sharing among fellow travelers on the same road. By promoting a more connected and supportive community, this model emphasizes the importance of collaboration and sustainability in modern living.

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