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Desire to Breathe

Nan Li

The 'urban village' is a unique phenomenon in China's urbanisation process, a 'seamy area' in the city. This design is located in Wanxia Village, an urban village community with the largest residential population in Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Due to the influx of migrants into Shenzhen, Wanxia Village has become the main living space for low-income migrants in Shenzhen.
The fair-faced concrete is used as the main building material in the overall design. Fair-faced concrete is naturally stable, with warm, soft and rigid feeling, not only providing a safe psychological nurturing for our sensory experience but also facilitating climbing plants to cling to its surface. In addition, depending on the need for privacy, the interior and exterior sides of the building are glazed with conventional and frosted glasses, which can maximize people's immersion in the space.
With the meditation space as the center of the building, the dwelling area uses three different types of units placed in different spatial positions, with a total of 9 units, 3 on each floor. Besides, green leisure spaces are placed from the first to the roof floor. The building is designed with a single route home for each house type and greenery around the route to increase the privacy of the residents, thus reducing the insecurity and anxiety of people with psychological difficulties.
In the atrium space of the building, a cylindrical structure is added as the main meditation space in conjunction with the soft lines of the building. The angle of the walls of the cylindrical atrium amplifies the sounds of the building's natural plant environment, such as the wind, the sound of leaves rubbing together and the chirping of birds.

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