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Egg Lavatory

Yongquan Chen, Ruihua Xue & Zhuo Han

The design is to create an urban public toilet product that can be flexibly moved and placed without relying on municipal water supply and drainage facilities. This urban public toilet is not only adapting to a variety of environmental places where water and sewage facilities are lacking, such as city squares, bus stops, pedestrian streets, parks, etc. but also forming an interactive, recognizable and artistic urban landscape facility.
The design adopts an eggshell shape, and the graceful form changes the impression of conventional public toilets, strengthening the sense of recognition and approachability. The outer surface is made of mirror stainless steel to map the surrounding environment, forming an interaction with urban life and adding a chic experience to the urban environment. The exterior skin can also change the material, color, and decoration according to demands to show the personalized identity of the urban environment.
The interior of the toilet is well-equipped, and the space is smooth, compact, clean, and tidy. The round skylight and ventilation system at the top ensure sufficient natural light and ventilation during daytime use, enhancing the health quality and comfort of the interior space. At night, the light from the interior spreads through the skylights, creating a unique view of the city.
Adopting the all-in-one integration concept, the equipment system is integrated between the inner and outer layers, using high-pressure flushing, vacuum negative pressure collection system, and intelligent identification system, saving more than 80% of water than conventional flushing toilets. It consumes little electricity and can start working by accessing the power supply or installing a power storage module. When the toilet breaks down, calls for help, needs cleaning, lacks water, or has a full sewage tank, the maintenance system will receive information to perform maintenance. The maintenance system mainly consists of a clean water supply truck and a sewage truck which is both a dirt collection transfer facility and a treatment equipment. When the sewage truck returns to the treatment center, the sewage is separated from the solid-liquid by microwave technology, forming medium water and solid fertilizer for green planting.
The design fully combines the artistic and interactive nature of the external form of the urban public toilet with the healthy, comfortable, and friendly experience of the internal space. At the same time, it systematically uses integrated technology, intelligent technology, operation, and maintenance technology to realize the unification of material input and emission and ecological sustainability in the use of urban public toilets, expanding an independent urban public toilet into a sustainable and intelligent urban public toilet system.

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