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Granthagara Library

Tsz Kiu Wong
Hong Kong

The site is located in Bhoodan Pochampally, a village situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad city, Telangana, India. The project aims to create a space for learning and study for the community living in the Pochampally village. The village is famous for its handloom cloth works. The weaving communities live in traditional ‘Chatrashaala’ houses made of mud, timber and terracotta tiles.

By building a community library in the region using vernacular and traditional construction techniques, the community is involved in the construction of the building, and it also contributes to promoting sustainability and mitigating climate change. With the children of handloom workers approaching modern education systems in search of jobs, a community library ensures availability of resources as well as a space for engaging and interacting.

The 100-person library is a cosy and active facility that caters to the community's different reading demands. The library, located in the middle of a lively metropolis, provides a welcome setting for book fans and information seekers of all ages.

Visitors are met by tall bookshelves lined with an enormous collection of literary works spanning many genres, themes, and languages as they enter the library. The shelves are neatly organised, making it simple for customers to browse and find new items that interest them. The library has specialised sections dedicated to children's literature, academic research, local history, and numerous cultural materials to meet its users' broad interests. It acts as a community hub for intellectual curiosity, supporting lifelong learning and cultivating a love of reading. It has cosy reading nooks and study rooms with couches, desks, and plenty of lighting. These areas promote calm contemplation and concentrated learning, providing individuals with a peaceful retreat in which to explore the world of books.

In conclusion, the 100-person library is a thriving haven where individuals may immerse themselves in the written word, engage with other book lovers, and go on intellectual excursions that enhance their lives.

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