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House OYS

Kevin Cheung & David Hu

House OYS is designed based on the importance of recreating an ecosystem amongst the confines of sustainable living. As such, our prime focus is on the collection and reuse of natural elements to provide for the inhabitants.
The first element we set out to regulate is access to water, to provide the inhabitants with potable water and the basis of agricultural independence in the form of a green roof. To achieve this, we required reliable ways to filtrate potable water for basic necessities. Our design began with maximizing rainwater collection with an initial net to filter debris. Once pass this phase, water accumulates in the tank on the roof filled with oysters. Oysters are one of the most effective natural filtration systems, allowing rainwater to be continuously recycled, pumped, and cleansed. After which, the water would drain past layers of sand and gravel to an evaporative chamber that would produce potable water for use.
Our second element to ensuring sustainability is to create a heat source to provide shelter, sustenance, and warmth. This would be in the form of an isolated furnace placed directly under the evaporative chamber, functioning as the Architectural centerpiece situated between the two enclosures. The heat from the furnace acts as a thermostat and regulates the temperature inside, as well as a functional stove for its inhabitant.
However, to control this fire naturally and allow for thorough cooling, the third design aspect we integrated was ventilation. For that consideration, we adopted a four-door vestibule entry and exit way that changes the boundaries of interior and exterior space based on conditions and needs. The vestibule temporarily merges the two enclosures together, but also allows for clear circulation and ventilated passageways. At its maximum volume, the passageway is enclosed from the exterior and the central heat radiates through the interior; at its smallest volume, the passageway is opened to the exterior and separates the habitable volume. This provides the inhabitants with a larger view and connects the inhabitants to nature.

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