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Journey with Dante

Yejin Jeon, Yuna Kim & Seongeun Kim

South Korea

Sensibility is a complex concept that is challenging to define. In our daily lives, it is used a lot, and deemed essential in all activities. However, individuals in modern society have a tendency to overemphasize reason, which leads to the suppression and ignorance of the connection between sensory experiences and emotion. Consequently, this inclination can result in the dismissal of sensory cues and difficulties in comprehending and embracing one’s own emotions.

The concept of “Journey with Dante” signifies a multifaceted process of self-realization and introspection, wherein individuals perceive and grow through their senses and experiences. Much like in Dante’s Divine Comedy, we too navigate our personal journeys, fostering growth and steering our lives in new directions. Dante, who has traversed the stages of Inferno, Purgatory, and Paradiso, and the sensory museum that was reinterpreted, will prompt us to confront our essence and foster self-awareness and realization. In the process of self-discovery, akin to walking alongside Dante, we unearth a new version of ourselves and uncover our values and aspirations through introspection. Through this, we can achieve a harmonious equilibrium of our senses and interactions, leading to a more enriched life.

Through such sensory journeys, we will come to understand ourselves better, manage our emotions more effectively, and will consequently make wise decisions and live more meaningful lives. Alongside the recognition of the essence of our senses, the journey with Dante will provide us fresh perspectives and pivotal moments in life.

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