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Mantra in tide ——“I am poured out like water, and my bones are out of joint”

Wen Jian, Liu Yue & Wang Yue

Project name:Mantra in tide ——“I am poured out like water, and my bones are out of joint”

The tides are one of nature's greatest forces. The Bay of Fundy in Canada has the highest tidal range in the world. Tidal forces cause the space of the beach to cycle over time. It is a place of extraordinary mystery and interest. A building will respond to the tides to create a unique architectural space.

Through a corridor connecting the buildings on the beach with those on the sea, it is a pilgrimage of art. Sometimes the sea gets so full that people can't walk. Sometimes the sea recedes and people pass freely. It's like the journey of self-discovery -- sometimes within reach.

With the passage of time, the size range of architectural space will become larger and smaller over time. As the waves recede, the main body of the building will be revealed, and the study space will be maximized. People can feel the water and the space surrounded by the building up close. With the passage of time, the waves rise slowly, over the steps, over the floors, flooded the building, the building space is gradually compressed, gradually smaller, become an island in the sea.

This is a solitary building on the sea. It's a building that has a lot to do with water. Architecture is not determined by man, but by nature. In the cycle of waves, people will get the ultimate sublimation, feel the greatness and power of the sea more deeply, and feel the insignificance of human beings, the inner fickleness will be eliminated, and finally people will be calm.

Through different holes and skylights, at different times, the sea has different views. The skylight derived from the path of the sun scatters refracted soft light into the center of the space, and through diffuse reflection, gently renders a meditation space that brightens and elevates the spirit. The tide slowly pours in with time and soft light.

The meditator, in solitude with himself, is infinitely close to the pilgrim's soul; A loner, on the road to truth, establishes a relationship with the sea that belongs only to him. Behind each of the Spaces facing the sea, there are several single meditation rooms, which provide reclusive life for those who work in seclusion.

All Spaces explore the relationship between people and thinking, simple and profound; People's attitude towards nature, adaptability and reverence. In the eternity of the sea, thought merges with the forces of nature, bringing people back to the origin of consciousness.

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