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Reformed Castle

Julius Bykowski

In today ‘s fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to take care of our mental health. Burnout and Depression are two of the most common mental health conditions, and they can have a devastating impact on our lives.

In this attempt, the goal is to challenge those societal diseases and to create an architecture that heals through the space itself. I chose this worldwide represented typology because it is deeply connected to nature, which is one of the biggest aspects to support the healing process. Therefore, in this example, the ruin of an abandoned German castle was chosen randomly. But there are many castles all over the world which have the equal affiliation to nature.
A common feature of castle architecture is that those structures are typically divided into several defensive rings. In this example, we can see that the movement through the castle leads up through a series of split levels to the main yard.
Therefore, the concept of this facility references the separation of space and transforms it into an enhancing space of intimacy.

The entrance into the inner yard leads up through 2 separated split levels. This part of the castle is the furthest visitors can go to leave the main castle area in more serenity. A well-organized, ascetic forecourt subsequently directs into a vestibule inside the narrow doctor ‘s office building.

The inner yard is surrounded by buildings that connect to the existing structure. Guided by an underlying grid of geometric symmetries and proportional regularities inspired by the search of harmony in architecture, the reformed castle creates an atmosphere in its environment, as an undisturbed place where patients can recover and unwind from the stress of modern life.

After leaving the mainyard, the remaining path guides up to the rebuilt tower keep. This is the most intimate place in the castle. Only a small staircase and a few bedrooms facing into the surrounding nature will leave the patient in complete silence and peace.

While dealing with the importance of the environment the reformed castle is creating an architectural atmosphere together with its surrounding nature, where people can heal.

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