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Shangri La

Xinyi Hu, Wang Yuanling, Li Xuanying

This design focuses on the theme of a retreat center without borders of religion, with the purpose of allowing practitioners to practice "energy field".

This place is known as the world longevity township, has a strong energy field. The base is a place where mountains and rivers and caves coexist. Entering the quiet and beautiful natural place to wash the soul and practice is intended to create the atmosphere of the ancient Chinese "Peach Blossom Source", that is, a secluded and beautiful place.

The design expresses the spirit of the retreat through the creation of shape and space. The building is built on the hillside, with a pyramid-like slope roof, which combines the local characteristics of the pitched roof stilted house, and aims to gather energy. In the building complex, the core space of the common practice hall radiates, symbolizing the radiation of energy. Walking meditation in the building can realize the three realms of "reality", "emptiness" and "emptiness", which is also the change in the mind of practitioners as the practice time becomes longer.

Entering the cave by the external pool is a "one wash", entering the common practice hall by the reception center through the underwater corridor is a "two wash", and retreats in the retreat site are a "three wash". The roof of the building has a skylight, and the sun shines into the interior of the building is quite zen. The outer corridor of the building is a circular corridor, symbolizing the circulation of energy in it, and also symbolizing the replacement of life.

Science shows that the green natural environment brings the strongest appeal to people, practitioners can practice in the retreat site can also have a rest, leisure walking in the empty valley can also wash and heal the mind. Nowadays, the noisy city can not nourish the soul of people, and the magnetic field energy of the descendants of retreat is enhanced, and the soul is sublimated in the quiet retreat environment.

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