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Straw House

Hanwan Liang

The houses people live in are too limited: all the spaces seem to have clear functions and purposes: the dining room is for eating, the living room is for watching TV, and the bedroom is for sleeping. Whether there is a form generated from the possibility: such a form is different from all the current geometric space. It does not come from the functional purpose, but from the result of the random expansion of the body. In such a collision process, the designer will add a certain geometric form, such as cube, to limit its expansion, resulting in a kind of conflict between complete randomness and complete purpose:the shape produced by the gray area between the two. Such a form may bring users a completely different living experience.

The design site is located in Chancheng District, Foshan City. The house is designed for the daily life of two families of seven. The designer defined the private space in the daily life of seven people, such as bedroom and bathroom, with a certain geometry: square. The rest of the public activity space produces an interactive space with random shape by doing the experimental research on the possible shape, trying to create a space experience different from the previous life. At the same time, the random shape also indicates the possibility of life.

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