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The Auroral Spectrum - “Healing Inside and Out”

Yashasvini Gopal & Likhitha J

“Healing Inside and Out”

Architecture has the power to transform a space into something special and unique. We believe in the beauty of natural light and how it can breathe life into a structure by creating functional and beautiful spaces that are energy efficient and timeless.
Let’s bring some sunshine indoor.,

‘Design should not be dictated or restricted, it has to follow the need to understand the lifestyle of every individual client.’

The project we have designed is for an Artist family,consist of 4 members[Artist(husband),wife and 2

Artist had always been passionate about painting nature scenes where he could be surrounded by trees and Hills. He also found himself inspired by the way in which the sunlight shone through the windows and filled with a beautifully created natural light and shadows which painted itself in a natural gold hue and considering well being,lively environment and good surrounding facilities of the family members.
Here the artist was planning to construct a new architectural building with a concept of “HEALING INSIDE AND OUT '' and finds a new plot which is beautifully surrounded by coconut trees that catters stunning views of hills with a lush of greenery.


Sunlight is essential to human life and it has been a major source of inspiration for architecture since ancient times. Daylight provides visual and aesthetic pleasure, adding to the comfort of our environment. With modern technology, we can now control the amount of natural light entering a building, making it easier for architects to use sunlight in their designs.

We Architects have long utilized the power of natural light to improve human performance and visual performance in a space. Whether it's through windows that bring in diffused sunlight or skylights that let more direct light into an area, architects have been able to make use of day lighting in creative ways. By strategically placing windows and skylights in their buildings, they can maximize the amount of natural light while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

It has a profound impact on our visual and human performance, providing us with natural light and creating an environment for day lighting that can positively influence our well-being. Architects have long used the power of sunlight to improve the visual performance of buildings, helping to define its shape and character, as well as creating a pleasant atmosphere for occupants. By utilizing natural light, architects have been able to create open and inviting buildings that are flooded with natural light from the sun during much of the day. Sunlight also serves an important role in illuminating various aspects of a room or building, from furniture placement to artwork selection. This can be especially advantageous when considering energy efficiency, as utilizing natural light can reduce the need for artificial lighting sources. By studying how sunlight interacts with a structure’s design and environment, architects are able to create architecture that speaks directly to their client’s needs and desires.

To bring out a mood that reflects the context of the environment, sunlight plays an important role in creating the desired effect. It can be used to create different kinds of personalities within a space, making it more dynamic and interesting.

Sunlight also plays a role in helping reduce energy costs, while promoting healthier living conditions by providing natural ventilation and temperature regulation. As such, sunlight can be seen as an essential element in the design process of any architectural project.

By using the natural elements to its fullest potential, architects can create stunning results that truly reflect the character of the space. Sunlight is also capable of creating a visual language through light and shadows, leading to dynamic and unique works of art.

In order to achieve optimum image quality and eye glariness in architectural structures, luminance contrast must be taken into consideration. Luminance contrast helps to reduce glare by controlling the overall intensity of light falling inside a structure and this in result improves the aesthetic value of a building. With careful consideration given to the luminance contrast of an architectural design, we have to ensure the higher image quality and visual clarity for its users.

‘THE AURORAL SPECTRUM’ was designed to maximize natural sunlight and create a warm, inviting atmosphere to live in. Artist family was amazed by the indoor swimming pool, spacious grounds, private terrace with incredible views of nature, and the luxurious layout of this abode. The artist started working on their art again, feeling inspired by their new residence. They can feel the sun's presence through the light that streams into the room, and it helps them focus better while they work. As they wander around the new house, they find a room that is filled with sunlight and paints itself in a natural gold hue. They eventually realize how much living in natural sunlight can make one appreciate the beauty of the house and its surrounding landscape. “Let's take a journey together as we explore the beauty of SunlightArchitecture and discover new ways to live sustainably.”

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