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The Hushed Woodland

Disha Kambli & Vaishnavi Pawar

To be at home is to be at ease. Home is that false god which provides a sense of security, safety and stability. The lively lamps and the crowded roads of Mumbai feel like home. Mumbai has been the heart of our country since time immemorial. Every step on the pavement is a gateway to new opportunities. People coming here from various cultures are all bound together by the search of a sound never heard before. Their hopes are just as high as the buildings here.
In between this chaos and rush, situated in Borivali Right next to the tall green wilderness of Sanjay Gandhi National Park, perched on the hills are the Kanheri caves. A journey from the heat of the sun to thesoothing coolness of the rock, from the heavy traffic sounds to the sweet songs of the feathered friends, fromthe crammed streets to the clear blues, the Kanheri caves are a literal representation of tranquillity and contentment. This place pacifies all the negative energies and offers peace and freedom. The tall buddhasculptures, the mystical stupas and the carvings on the caves evoke creativity and inspires in many ways.
At the foothills of Kanheri a tiny home of heavy walls and a light roof, with a bamboo facade on one side creating a play of light and shadow, the house is given a beautiful view of the cliff. A slight turn in the direction of the house creates a seduction of movement in the space. The idea of the tall cylindrical space was to create reverberation like in the Chaitya hall of Kanheri caves which tranquilizes a person and helps them focus on work. With butterfly roof to collect water through bamboo channels into the ground, it also helps with the ventilation of the house and elevates it's aesthetic quality. Use of naturally available material i.e basalt rock and abundantly grown bamboo for the construction of the house, harvesting rainwater with the help of bamboo roof and transferring them underground through channels as well as using solar panels for generating electricity.

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