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The Sanctum

Manoj Jaini, Abhiram kurma & CM. Aditya

Check out the music piece by clicking the link below:

A Sanctum is a sacred place, especially a shrine within a religious structure. A place where a human is most vulnerable to his emotions and is not afraid to share them with the supreme being.THE SANCTUM that we have designed resembles its emotional spirituality.
The initial aim of the project was to collect diverse opinions on how the music clip spoke to different people. For this a survey was conducted among people of different fields. The diversity in occupation varied from a singer, music producer, actor,student,etc. These opinions were analysed and used for further development the project.
Grasshopper as a tool has been used to develop a sound responsive script to translate sound into a 3Dimensional space.
Organic forms at timeframes depicting distinguishable emotion are frozen and baked. Three prominent forms were frozen which emoted varied emotions such as –
These raw forms were then replicated and made into a structure using many architectural principles such as – ADDITION, SUBTRACTION, SCALE, etc.
This structure was divided into 3 main chambers
CHAMBER I: The central column isPunctured to allow Light through glazed Sky light. While the darker grey Tones signify the Hardships one faces inlife, Light through red Glazed glass depicts A sense of hope over A man’s blood, sweat and tears.
CHAMBER II: The raw form obtained Is elongated on x axis. The extension in length depicts fruitfulness of Persistent effort Over time. Cyan colour is used all along the path to evoke a sense of Close proximity to peace coinciding with zeal and energy.
CHAMBER III: The tetrahedral form Acts as the rear end of the structure. The edges coincide at Centre depicting the Point of “nothingness”, The ultimate point of Attaining tranquillity. White colour is used Over the edges, to Create a sense of peace among the visitor.

The movement through the sanctum makes the user be evoked by emotions varying from pain and struggle to peace and hope, which we believe is an important message to be conveyed to those who have given up on life or are on verge of giving up, to remind them that ITS NOT OVER YET!

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