Akça Yılmaz | Art & Architetcure Competition - 2nd Prize Winner

Art & Architecture – An Essay is an international Architectural essay competition organized by Archiol.

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Akça Yılmaz has won the second prize for the essay Art and Architecture.

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Akça Yılmaz | Voice of Architecture

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1. Can you introduce yourself in a personal and professional way?

I am a 21-year-old senior architecture student from Ankara, Turkey. I am highly interested in good music, sports, nature and any kind of art. I like observing how humans deal with life and express themselves through many fields.

During my four-year-old academic architecture journey, I have participated in archaeological excavations, building constructions and theoretical organizations. None had ever failed to surprise me on how powerful of a field architecture is. Now that it is already more than a job for me, I would like to let it expand as a philosophy within me all my life.

No matter where I will end up, I surely know that the point of view architecture gave me will keep me a few steps ahead.


2. What is your design philosophy?

A: I see design as the process of any data. Therefore, I can say that clear observations and relatable interpretations of any medium are critical in terms of producing a good design. The focus of design should be the keyword ‘process’ according to me. Because I consider process to be the connector of the reality and the end work. If one focuses on a high quality design process, the design would be strongly connected to the world. Extending the standards while finding answers to current problems require this kind of bond. If I compare design to a journey, how it starts and how it ends should not be considered more important than the journey itself.


3. What was your feeling when the winners were announced?

I was looking forward for the results’ announcement. When I had the notification, I was extremely rejoiced. The news felt extraordinary because the main thing I underlined during the essay was embodied; a written work was consideredgood enough to be among winners.


4. Can you briefly explain your essay writing process, the source of ideas and, your understanding of the topic?

The topic of the essay was what attracted my attention at the very first place. The understanding of architecture had always interested me and I always had a tendency to relate it with art. Thanks to that habit of mine, at the very moment I saw the title of the competition, I applied as a competitor. The process begun with the analyses and the comparison of art and architecture as words. The essay digs into their deep meanings and the way they are used by humanity.

As the end work, I suggested a graphic that diagrammatizes the way they work according to me. As a general approach to the title Art and Architecture, I may say that the only certain thing to say is that they are highly dependent to each other. Sometimes they cover each other, sometimes they become each other, but one cannot exist without the other.


5. When and how you were first introduced to Architecture?

A:Ever since I was a child, people chose ‘creative’ as a word to describe me. Even if I was not sure what I created at the first place, I felt so motivated thanks to these comments. As time passed, life taught me creativity can be hidden in anything; words, a smile, an artwork. I wanted this creativity to become themain priority on my life. Therefore, I took the opportunity to make a great-scaled creativity my focus; I started studying architecture.

Art and Architecture by Akça Yılmaz

Art and Architecture by Akça Yılmaz


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