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Point in Architecture 2nd Prize winner | Swapnil Biswas


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Swapnil Biswas

I am a fourth year B.Arch student from School of planning and architecture, New Delhi. Also an illustrator, graphic designer and a curious photographer.

As per my understanding of architecture over these years, I believe that the art of designing spaces has a purpose to narrate a story. These stories then tend to stitch together to form a muse. I empathize to give priorities to various mediums and concepts through my works, which in turn forms a backbone for the muse.

1. Please introduce yourself in a personal or professional way?
Myself Swapnil Biswas, a 4th year B.Arch student from SPA Delhi. I am also a graphic designer, Illustrator and a curious photographer.

2. What is your design philosophy?
I remember growing up at some outskirts of Kolkata during my early childhood, and my grandma narrating stories to me and my cousins every evening. I often found myself being at one with these stories of intangibility. I have travelled cities, and through my journey, I have seen stories amongst the busy lane and quite chawks. It is here, where I draw my inspirations from.
Irrespective of the concept, I believe that the art of designing spaces has a purpose to narrate a story.

3. Can you briefly explain your understanding of the topic and the source of ideas?
In my opinion, the motive of the challenge was to explore the basic fundamentality of design, namely ‘Pont’.
Rather than focusing on the physical attribution of ‘Point’ in design, my idea was to focus on the intangible nature of the word. Through my art-work, the juxtaposed idea of physical reality and digital realism finds to coexist in harmony.

4. When and how were you first introduced to architecture?
I was introduced to architecture pretty late, during my early 18’s. I always had an interesting relationship with art, photography, philosophy and science throughout my school life. It was just after finishing my school that I came into the field of architecture, and while exploring this field, the subject of interests seemed to harmonize incredibly.

5. What does architecture mean to you?
In my opinion, architecture is a concept that emerges from the vernacular realities of a place, point and time; to coincide harmoniously with the user group and their interaction with the society.

interview - video 

Point in Architecture

Architecture over the years has witnessed deformation, reconstruction, revolution as well as deconstruction.
Idea, Medium and Result are fundamentally the three basic principles for any artists, craftsmen or architects. But, the sole necessity to develop a concept or an idea is to deliver its purpose; in layman terms, to prove a point. The notion of ‘Point’ has not always been conceptual or intangible for that matter, the origin of very tangible realities or rather geometries where we reside in, are nothing but a complex juxtaposition of points.

Through my artwork, I wanted to represent the true complexity of ‘Point’ by merging both the geometric reality of a constructed space- the photograph on the left; and the juxtaposition of the same with the digital realism, to complete a composition.

Since the functional purpose of the subject (that is, the building) was not truly showcasing, the renders along the middle and the right, balances the functionality that the building claims to house, a communal plaza.

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