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Retreat Center Design Competition
– Winner!


Woman in Swimsuit

Shin Thant Htet

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Hsu Yin Htway

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Nay Win Aung

Team Details:
Shin Thant Htet, Hsu Yin Htway & Nay Win Aung

Check out the interview below:
Shin Thant Htet:

Hsu Yin Htway:

Nay Win Aung:

Woman in Swimsuit

Hsu Yin Htway

Hsu is a 27 years old practicing architect, currently living in Myanmar. Hsu has a Bachelor of Architecture from Technological University (Hmawbi). Hsu is currently working as a Junior Architect at an architectural firm in Myanmar with three years’ experience ever since she graduated. Hsu believes that a result driven and hard worker, with a hunger to learn and succeed in work, provides strong motivation.

1. Please introduce yourself in a personal and professional way.
Hello everyone, I’m Hsu Yin Htway from Yangon, Myanmar. My age is 27 years and I’ve graduated with a degree in Architecture. Currently, I’m working as a Junior Architect at an architectural firm with three years experience ever since graduated.

2. What is your design philosophy?
My basic design idea is “Form ever follows function “. It’s a principle that proposes a building's purpose should be the starting point for its design rather than its aesthetics. I believe that recognizing the need is the primary condition for design.

3. Can you briefly explain your understanding of the topic and the source of ideas?
I understand the Retreat Centre as a quiet or secluded place where people may stay for a period devoted to prayer, study, or relaxation. Retreat Centre competition intends to understand spaces of the built environment and its effect on human mind and behaviour. This kind of Architecture fosters various levels of controlled interaction between people and space. This healing space is built to express the power of people coming back to alive after being oppressed and tortured
by the military over six decades.

4. When and how you were first introduced to architecture?
After passing matriculation, I chose to attend architecture. Because my dream is to create good living spaces, buildings and environments for everyone. Especially, I want to give a nice building for my family with my own design idea.

5. What does architecture mean to you?
Architecture means to me is the art, science and profession of planning, designing and supervising the construction of buildings, landscapes, communities and furnishings in our environment in accordance with the principles of utility, strength and aesthetics.

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