Render Challenge Honorable Mention!

Archiol Render Challenge - Honorable Mention | Interview


Tim Chen

My name is Tim. I studied in urban planning when I was in college. I also worked as an urban planner few years ago.Now, I am a digital artist. I spend most of my time dive into animation, procedural modeling and matte painting. I enjoy using my skills to create amazing environment.



1. Can you introduce yourself in a personal and professional way?

My name is Tim. I am a digital artist. I spend most of my time dive into animation, procedural modeling and matte painting. I enjoy using my skills to create amazing environment.

2. What is your design philosophy?

Bravely imagine the future.

3. What was your feeling when the winners were announced?

I did not expect that I would win a prize. The designing process was fun. I was already satisfied when the artwork was finished.

4. Can you briefly explain therendering process, source of ideas and, your understanding of the topic?

Since this competition has no limit to type, location and scale. It really gave me a lot offlexibility for imagination and creation.

About the source idea, I have always been interested in the topics of future technology.One of the recent projects that I find very interesting is Elon Musk’s Mars Project.It’s incredible that he think people is able to live in Mars in 2024. So in this artwork, I tried to imaginethemars colony would be look like in the future.

About the render process, I usually draw a draft by hand first.After the draft is completed, I will start to do the modelinginBlender.In order to actually play in the scene after the itwas built, I use Unreal Engine for rendering.Finally, I use photoshop to add some details.

5. When and how you were first introduced to Architecture?

I studied urban planning when I was in college. There are many architecture-related courses such history and Hands-on course. This is the first time I have actually learned architecture knowledge.

©Tim Chen

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©Tim Chen

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Project Statement

The distance between Mars and the Earth is approximately 225 million kilometers, making it the closest "livable" planet to the Earth.

Whether the movie” The Martian”, the landing news of the NASA’s “Perseverance", or even the “SpaceX" company founded by Elon Musk, they all showed us the mysterious appearance of Mars. I am the person who love future technologies and science fiction pretty much. I can't help but think, when I am 50 years old, will I be able to live on Mars at that time?

In this artwork, I tried to imagine what it might look like when people live on Mars in the future.

I took Transit-Oriented-Development (TOD ) as my main concept. The various facilities are connected by channels. The center of the facilities is a big rocket, which will carry the residents transport between different planets. The main residential facility large greenhouse buildings, which are filled with plants and oxygen. It creates a suitable space for people to live in. On the outer side, there are some Industrial facilities which can mine buried ice and create energy for residents to use.

Is it possible to build a self-sufficient city on Mars? How does it feel like when living on Mars? Are there other planets that can be explored by humans besides Mars? I am curious and excited in the technology and lifestyle of future. I hope through this artwork, everyone can share their imagination about the future living lifestyle.