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Archiol Render Challenge - Honorable Mention | Interview


Woman in Swimsuit

Woman in Swimsuit

Woman in Swimsuit

Woman in Swimsuit

Zhixiang Xia

My name is Zhixiang Xia, I am 22 years old and come from China. I am currently a 4th year bachelor architecture student at China University of Mining and Technology.I started to learn architecture in 2017.

1. Can you introduce yourself in a personal and professional way?
My name is Zhixiang Xia, I am 22 years old and come from China. I am currently a 4th year bachelor architecture student at China University of Mining and Technology.
I am a big fan of different kinds of art since I was a little child. Different genres of music, speculative art and abstract art have always been great passions and inspirations to me. When growing up, the connection between art and me becomes much stronger.
Now I just keep learning, exploring and experimenting different fields of architecture and find myself more complete in it.

2. What is your design philosophy?
Well, I think I am still very young in the fields of architecture. The world of architecture is just so magnificent and charming. Now I am still in the process of understanding and learning about architecture and its forms, spaces, lights and so on. At present, I think my design philosophy is always thinking about human being’s emotion and feelings first and being mad about your imaginations. I think architecture is a great piece of four-dimensional art. And when I’m doing my design, I always consider architecture as a “home for all”. Sometimes we may be constrained by the reality, but I think we should also think more about the future possibilities.

3. What was your feeling when the winners were announced?
It’s my first time to join international competition. When I got the notification that I had won the Honorable Mention. I was just so excited and couldn’t believe it! I immediately shared the good news to my family and friends. This award is really important to me because this is my boldest design ever and the award is a huge encouragement to me.

4. Can you briefly explain the rendering process, source of ideas and, your understanding of the topic?
In this project, I want to do a speculative design and just be more conceptual and abstract to leave more spaces for us to think and feel. When I was showering one day, I came up with the idea. How about creating an architecture that can reflect human’s spiritual world and inner space? I thought this will be really cool so I just want to visualize it through the art of architecture.
I think there is always a core in our thinking process. Then from the initial source, it begins to grow like a tree and generate countless branches revolving the core and spiraling up. And this is how the circulation and shape forms. And there are new lights which can be seen as our new inspirations sparkling at the same time.
To visualize this, I used Houdini FX first to model basically all the forms. Then I import the whole structures to Maya and use Arnold to render it.

5. When and how you were first introduced to Architecture?
I started to learn architecture in 2017. Architecture reflects both sensible and rational side of us human, so I am really fascinated by this charming piece of art. The more I explore it, the more I find myself immersed in it.

interview - video 

Project Statement

The image indicate an architecture which is driven by our minds. I’m always thinking about creating an architecture embodying our souls. The main structure of the architecture can grow and expand as our mind keeps developing. From bottom to top, every part of the structure shows the different stages of our mind, which in the image I visualize it by the people’s activities. And the connectivity is infinite and continuous; everything is intertwined and bounded together with an invisible force which can be described as the inner inspiration of every thought. Finally, architecture becomes an extension of our minds and it fully shows our inner space.

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