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Archiol Render Challenge - 2nd Prize Winners | Interview


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Antonella Marzi

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Chiara Marzi

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Marta Dituri

Antonella Marzi :
Architect, Phd
Antonella Marzi is a Senior Architect, PhD and author of several articles on public place design and urban planning. She graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Milano and lectured on architecture and urban planning in different universities and events. In 2008, she co-founded the architectural firm RECS ARCHITECTS becoming the CEO of RECS ARCHITECTS Brazil until 2018. During her time in Brazil, she developed the urban project of Social Smart City for Planet group. She then joined the technical board Instituto Smart City Business America (SCBA), operating in the development of smart cities in Latin America. In 2018, she co-founded, with four colleagues, GATE ARCHITECTS studio, which is a firm focused on urban design and architecture in smart concept.

Chiara Marzi:
Chiara Marzi is a senior architect specialised in BIM procedures and management. She graduated in ‘Preservation and Restoration’’ at Politecnico di Milano. Afterwards, she cooperated with several Italian and international architectural studios, such as Gaetano Lisciandra architectural firm, a relevant figure in Milan urban planning. In 2012 she took part in the Home Staging workshop at Karisma Home Staging in Milan. In 2015 Chiara Marzi started cooperation with Anafyo, a service company operating in the field of Architecture, Engineering and Construction, to teach and implement BIM design in various studios and firms. In 2017 she co-founded MOOD, a Milan-based architecture and design studio, while in 2018 she decided to expand her activity internationally, becoming a co-founder of GATE ARCHITECTS group.

Marta Dituri:
Marta Dituri is a senior architect specialised in multiscale design, from city to building projects. She proved excellence in high rising building design and led projects worldwide, ranging from concept to construction. Marta Dituri is also a BIM expert on the Revit platform. Starting from 2010, she worked as a senior architect and office coordinator for an international firm based in Milan and Doha, where she began developing her global expertise. In 2015 she was nominated technical director of RECS ARCHITECTS Brazil, managing all South America’s projects. She subsequently enriched her international experience taking part in projects in UAE, China, and Iran. In 2018, she became a co-founder of GATE ARCHITECTS group.

Woman in Swimsuit

1. Can you introduce yourself in a personal and professional way?
I am Antonella Marzi, a co-founder of GATE ARCHITECTS an architectural firm based in Milan. Gate is an interdisciplinary architectural office founded in Milan in 2018, afterwards several international experiences of all co-founders. Works in Italy and Brazil on various project scales ranging from the urban dimension to interior design.

2. What is your design philosophy?
The experience of each member and the sharing of ideas represents the strength of the team. We are motivated by a passion for an innovative and cosmopolitan conception of architecture. We are animated by the desire to conceive and design smart and integrated spaces. Our projects show, through their design, a specific visual identity. Our creations reveal a unique sensitivity in understanding and adapting to the life flowing within them.

3. What was your feeling when the winners were announced?
Certainly, the announcement made us really surprised and satisfied. It is through concept art that we express our architectural ideas.

4. Can you briefly explain the rendering process, source of ideas and, your understanding of the topic?
One render is not just an image, is an expression of a concept that reaches the end of a process. Our projects are often inspired by natural elements which, through a process of decomposition and recomposition, generate our first design idea. The challenge along the development of the architectural project is then to avoid losing the main strength of this first step during the subsequent design phases, which are necessarily more technical and analytical.

5. When and how you were first introduced to Architecture?
Almost all co-founders are from Italian Architecture Universities and subsequent Master’s Degree and Ph.D. Joined the experience of the two schools of Italian architecture, the Milanese and the Roman ones, from whose synthesis we seek to generate a wide and articulated architectural syntax.

interview - video 

ICE TOWERS | Description

“A powerful and evocative gesture, a reinterpretation of the monument in a modern key.”
Our concept design is stemming from abstract ideas and shapes in inhospitable environments that become an architectural project. The site context aims to stimulate people's thoughts on the consequences of human intervention in the living environment and adaptation to architecture.
Two crystalline monoliths emerge in the Arctic landscape. The building’s volume explores the sense as an ice sculpture on the rocks, by means of materials, textures, and colors.
As generated by tectonic forces, they guard and conceal an entire underground world. The towers rise from a submerged area, bursting through the surface, which integrating into the landscape - between the cliff and ocean waves.

Antonella Marzi, Chiara Marzi & Marta Dituri _ 2nd Prize Winners

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Antonella Marzi, Chiara Marzi & Marta Dituri _ 2nd Prize Winners

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