History of Architecture Winner!

Smriti Sharma | History of Architecture competition (Honourable Mention)


I am a 19-year-old architecture student, studying in School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India. Exploring the path in architectural writing and design, I seek to incorporate my real life experiences. I also enjoy travelling and capturing the moments.



1. Can you introduce yourself in a personal and professional way?

My name is Smriti Sharma and I am a second-year architecture student of School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal, India.I was born and raised in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh and did my schooling from Delhi.Starting from my early years, I developed interest in writing, art and culture and currently am trying to expand my critical thinking in the field. While exploring the path in architectural writing and design, I seek to incorporate my real-life experiences and bring the creativity to reality. Besides architecture, I have learned classical music for 8 years.

2. What is your design philosophy?

I am still at a very preliminary stage to call any philosophy my own but I am nevertheless learning every day. However, my major focus while designing is the function of the spaces and the relation of nature with the built environment. If a building is unable to fulfil its functional requirements, its beauty will be pointless.

3. What was your feeling when the winners were announced?

I was extremely happy since it was my first writing competition in the field. We weren’t able to believe when we got the mail that we have been selected in top 50 participants itself, and then reaching the top 5th position and seeing our essay on the website was a really proud moment for us. We’re really grateful for the mention and the experience.

4. Can you briefly explain your essay writing process, the source of ideas and, your understanding of the topic?

We studied this topic in our previous semester so there was already an understanding of the topic in our minds. My essay writing process includes doing a lot of research on a deeper level and pouring it all out in a document including all the personal knowledge and ideas I have of the topic. Then comes the brainstorming of the ideas and unique thoughts which would engage the readers and elaborating on them more. Following that I go through an intense process of finalizing and reviewing to get the end output. Although I am a beginner in the writing side of the field, I still try to learn and give my best shot.

5. When and how you were first introduced to the topic of History of Architecture?

Since the childhood, I was really fascinated by all the historic buildings I saw in real life as well as on the internet. Every specific detail and the curiosity to know the story behind it really encouraged me to know more about it. The topic of History of Architecture as a subject was officially introduced to us in our second semester and the style of gothic architecture in our third semester. We both were very excited to write about the unique and beautiful style of architecture in gothic period and how it evolved during the centuries.

6. What measures will you take/ taking to introduce your understanding of the essay to the architecture practice?

In our essay we mentioned about the Black Death and its influence in the architecture. Our main intend to highlight this was to relate it with the current situation of Pandemic and how the architects have a role in the development of architecture whatever be the situation. We can already see a lot of changes around us and will be witnessing as well as contributing to mark the impact of the pandemic in the architecture.

Medieval Period: Arrival of Gothic Architecture and Black Death

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Medieval Period: Arrival of Gothic Architecture and Black Death

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