Architecture or Architorture?

Architecture as an educational course has a bad reputation. It turns humans into zombies, can’t deny that completely. Sleepless nights, a lot of coffee, 24+ hours work, there is no end to it, it is design after all! Not merely when you’re studying, but also when you are practicing. Architecture is not just 5 years of education but is a lifestyle we embrace and have to endure it forever. The struggle is inevitable, but you never really regret being an architect. If you are absolutely passionate about what you do, you will embrace this lifestyle and enjoy every stage of it, be it stress, success, or whatever.

architecture or architorture!

This course takes you through mini versions of real-life challenges every day. Trust me, if you can survive architecture, you can survive anything in life. We get used to obstacles, challenges, criticism, and we develop a distinct approach towards life as a whole. Architecture transforms our ideologies and reconstructs our brains. ‘Architect’ is a different species of living in itself.

Being an architect is a privilege. We design spaces to live; we are responsible for the life quality of the people accommodating our designs. Being an architect is truly the new ‘cool’. Architecture studios are interactive, creative, and lively. I don’t think any other educational course can create an architecture studio type of atmosphere. Yes, you do spot people dozing in some corners, below the desk maybe but that’s a part of an architecture student’s life. There are times when we take a nap on our toilet seats. Leaving this aside, there is real creativity happening in a studio. Colorful, black and white, abstract, perspectives, maps, plans, tracings, sketches, paintings, scribbles, randomness, models, sculptures, incomplete models this is what architecture studio is all about. Architects use the maximum amount of stationery possible. We explore materials, light quality, and many more things.

We don’t have to learn from specific books, but we have to learn most of the things on our own. Our brains are constantly at work, architectural designing is not as easy as it seems, and there is a lot to it. We are unable to sleep because our designs are incomplete or simply because we are not happy with it. Yes, this can also be a problem. Sometimes we don’t like our designs and that is when defending it becomes difficult so we are constantly thinking and working at least until we are confident with our work.

Our designs are criticized not only in architecture school but also in real life. Everybody has their perspectives towards it so you can’t do anything much about it. Architecture is a journey in itself. We travel, explore new places, meet different people; we contribute to a lot of different things through our designs.

Apart from the competitions we participate in, we are always competing being architects. Creativity is key to success in architecture. Being an architect we sketch, paint, sculpt, make models, create amazing designs, and the list goes on. When you are architecting (I don’t think that’s a word but you get it, right?) you are learning so many things with it.

Architects get immune to depression because we go through a lot of architorture in our schooling years and then it becomes a part of our life. Just like our models and design we turn, twist, and do everything possible to get things right.

Architorture is when you are killing two nights in a row to get your design ready, there are no words to explain the feeling of knowing that you have completed your work and that is when the torture feels pleasant. I can go on and on when it comes to architecture because I love architorture!

Pros and cons of being an architect: [they are not separated as you choose it for yourself ;) ]

  • Your work is on display on an ultimate scale. People live and work in it and also surround it. (A pro if your design is amazing and con if it’s not!)

  • Being an architect you travel to different places.

  • Extreme Work pressure

  • You will never be able to please everybody, its design after all.

  • You are going to have sleepless nights

  • It’s less of reading and more of developing, mental skills.

  • Being able to take criticism

  • Being able to defend your design, you need to be confident about your work.

  • Chances of going through depression, need enough passion to sustain architecture.

To be continued….. ;)

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