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Architecture talking to Art

Dear Art,

Connections…the joining of hands the, sharing of thoughts, the vision we see when we close our eyes, so different yet like an old friend returning from afar, I take your imagination and make it home, you take my precision and make it your own, you take my shapes and make them new, I take your colours and give them a view, you with your lenses and me my pens, from one point to another, we have to draw the line, thick-thin or dotted, these are all mine but, yours are brushed sprayed or painted to create and amaze such, works of majesty to provoke and engage while, I accommodate and make places for people to get paid. We are so different you and I.

It is funny…how our names start with A, yours is just three, something so small and easy to name something so complex and uneasy, yet mine isn’t breezy more complex to explain, something so simple yet perplexes the brain, we are hard to explain…you and I, you don’t use words often, you see, looking at your front I see imagination colour and life but from your side, I see pain expression and strife, abstraction…look at me, what do you see? A tall grand outside but, a small and efficient on the inside, abstraction… are we so different?

we open our eyes, away from the imaginations, you see a world of colours and shapes and, I see models and tape, I see the expression on your face, colours and dreaming of a better place, well I dream too Ill have you know, of a place where all can shelter away, from the snow, I create build and destroy but so do my brothers, what makes me different, from the others? What makes me like you?

It’s not how tall I am, or how sharp my lines are, it's not how expensive my material is or how open my Insides?... Its…You.

When we join our hands a fire is lit, your imaginations run wild and my heart skips, I had never thought that something so crazy and untamed could be taught and contained, the way you make my walls shine and make me whole, I praise your role as you sit upon my walls, a small price to pay for the halls you hold, are we so different?

you justify with feelings and expression and I with math and progression, you make the colours dance upon the page and I make them sit facing your stage, we command the colours as if they were our subjects, kings and queens of all the little things that, make us the same, when we cannot speak we use colours to express how we want to feel we, build our work from the ground up, first a foundation then much more, we think the same you and I?

Problems we think, issues we research and Ideas we create, you see when you and I see eye to eye there’s nothing standing in our wake, you add curves to my lines and I add a space for your crimes, you see when we work together there is no need to close your eyes as your imagination can be anywhere we fantasise, we mix bond create together as one as I am you and you are me, you find ideas from films and movies and add a little colour to create little beauties and I see buildings and skyscrapers out in the world and it hurls me into creative mode, Are we the same?

we both use colour to brighten people’s days, the more colours the more ways we brighten those days, we use shapes to create a story that everyone can hear, not only with their eyes but their ears, you see when we work together, we make people happy, I keep them safe while, you keep them wondering, how? Why? and I awe about, the child of imagination and creativity. Building thinking and bonding together over what we hold the same will surely see us to glamour and fame. We are very much the same you and I.

I need you the way you need me, the colours shapes and tones make us one but the numbers freedom and expression make us, us, our differences tell us that we fit and our similarities show us we belong, while we both hold our titles we stand as umbrellas for the young, watching over all the pictures hung and buildings among the vast jungles of life, art my dear with you I become more than just architecture I become amazing wonderful and bright, you help me be more in the imaginations of people than in their eyes and hope I can break the ties and give you your biggest canvas yet, paint draw and imagine all over me and together we will make us one.

Yours always,





I am 18, from England studying a level 3 foundation course at college, with design and architecture always being a passion of mine, diving into the abstract was new territory for me and I enjoyed the expressive side of abstract art.


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