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Archiol Competitions has organized this third edition of the future Home - design competition to understand the possibilities of residential architecture in the future and to test the skill of imagination in architecture.
Home 2123 is an architecture design competition organised by archiol competitions. In this competition, we invite architects and designers to explore and envision the idea of home in the year 2123. As we progress into the future, technological advancements, environmental concerns, and evolving social dynamics will reshape our concept of what constitutes a home. This competition aims to push the boundaries of imagination and innovation while addressing the challenges and opportunities of the 22nd century.
The "Home 2123" Architecture Design Competition challenges participants to envision the future of home design by integrating advanced technologies, environmental sustainability, adaptability, community, and human well-being. By participating in this competition, you have the opportunity to shape the concept of home for generations to come. We look forward to witnessing your visionary ideas and transformative designs.

HOME 2123

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