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Welcome to the Minimal Dwelling 2024 competition hosted by Archiol Competitions! In its second edition, this competition invites participants to delve into the core principles of minimalism within the realm of residential architecture. As contemporary society continues to evolve amidst the proliferation of digital technologies and an abundance of materials, this competition serves as a platform to celebrate the profound beauty and efficiency inherent in minimalist design.

Embracing the ethos of simplicity, functionality, and liberation, Minimal Dwelling 2024 encourages architects and designers to strip away excess and focus on the essential elements that define living spaces. This competition provides an opportunity to explore innovative approaches to space utilization, material selection, and spatial organization while honoring the principles of minimalism.

Participants are challenged to create dwellings that embody the essence of minimalism, fostering environments that prioritize tranquility, efficiency, and harmony with the surrounding context. By embracing minimalism, architects have the chance to redefine conventional notions of luxury and opulence, emphasizing instead the profound richness found in simplicity and thoughtful design.

Through Minimal Dwelling 2024, we invite participants to push the boundaries of architectural expression, inspiring a new generation of designers to embrace the elegance and efficiency of minimalist living spaces. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the transformative power of minimalism in shaping the future of residential architecture.


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