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Official Project Name: BE29 Location: Beverly Hills Client: Gallery 19C Architect: Arshia Architects Architecture Team: Project Director: William Hallisky Design Director: Arshia Mahmoodi . AIA Project Designer: Stefan Von Hallberg Project Designer: Fang Cui Structural Engineer: Bold Engineer & Associates, Inc / Jun Tae Park Lighting Designer: Beleza Lighting Design / Le Nguyen MEP Engineer: FISKAA / Zaid Sadoun General Contractor: Ferrante Koberling / Michael Ferrante Project Developer: Eric Weider Project completion date: Oct. 2018 Photographer: Monika Sedziute Project sector:  Commercial Interior - Art Gallery


BE29 is located in Beverly Hills, California, and is a representation of a cross-section of history at the helm of art as a painted medium. This epoch is untethered by the advent of new media, mainly film and television presented spectators with journeys in possible times and space. As impressionist and expressionist movements marked a sharp and radical departure from realist techniques, they returned to social realism as their subject. This in turn presented a complete repeal in the history of the medium, projecting itself as a paradigm shift. Aligning the project with this essential notion of departure, the concept for the gallery materialized with an interest in creating a background to amplify the presence and appearance of the historic artwork.

The design of the gallery is a balanced composition of three milieus: the historic artifact (paintings), the contemporary shell (existing building), and the future cloak (new improvements).

While bringing attention to the art, the project endures creating a stark and minimal aesthetic by delivering a materially incorporeal environment.

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) has announced the winner of the prestigious 2020 Calibre Awards in the category of Public and Community Spaces and the 2020 Will Ching Design Competition.

Selected by a jury of distinguished interior designers, architects based around the globe, this year's winner among selected entries from several nationally established firms is the Los Angeles based firm Arshia Architects for their gallery project BE29