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Project: Go Orthodontistes Downtown Flagship Location: Montreal, QC, Canada Year: 2019 Size: 4570 square feet Client: Go Orthodontistes  Design: Natasha Thorpe Design General contractor: Avantage Plus 


The orthodontic clinic located in Montreal’s Golden Square Mile on the ground floor of a condominium building was designed with the challenge to bring warmth to the coldly stark concrete-defined space. The idea was to transform the base material without masking it to create a contrast. The reference for the custom communal sink made of red demolition brick comes from the surrounding brick buildings in this downtown area.

The designed space reflects the character of Go Orthodontistes of doing things differently.  Beyond functional features, the pan and materiality of the space impacts visitors, setting up a positive experience with nothing of the anxiety-inducing connotation of a medical space. A combination of private and open clinical areas with semi-private mesh curtaining allows for flexibility in seeing patients. By covering all ductwork in gold mesh panels, an airy lightness is felt throughout the entire open space as well as in the closed sections.

The clinical zone is revealed by a large curved wall which extends from the reception area. Magical elements are introduced with features such as the retractable mesh curtains for semi-privacy in the clinic area, as well as the raised reception platform. While waiting for their appointments, visitors float above the water on a raised platform. Shades of gold were adopted to seize the ample sunlight during the day and create a light box effect at night to the street. By neutralizing the medical significance of the clinic space through the warm color palette, and an open floor plan, visitors are left with a belief of wellbeing.