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Project Name: The Midas Touch Type of Project: Luxury Apartment Interiors Location: Mumbai Western Suburbs Architects: ZERO9 (Interior Architect - Design + Build) Contractor: ZERO9 Project completion date: 20th Dec 2018 Photographer: Fabien Charuau


A home where comfort & global style join forces. This 2,500 sq. ft luxury apartment in Mumbai has been created using timeless & global style. The design of the apartment's interiors utilizes elements from across the world & is a reflection of the client’s lifestyle.The public and private zones of the residence use distinct colour and materials that define each space. The living area exhibits a modern style with its blush & light grey charcoal velvet sofas, statement wallpaper and an exclusive mauve ostrich feather floor lamp.

The bar section is the focal feature of the living area with its 10 ft long counter & an aquarium right beneath. This section is the heart of the home in which the family spends a lot of time. The living area opens into the kitchen section which is a vision in gold with its surfaces being covered in gold mosaic work. The concealed media room utilizes monochrome flooring with custom blue wallpaper and a golden centre table.

The private sections of the residence stay true to the preferences of its owners. The master bedroom displays a warm ambiance with its wooden flooring and a designer bed back installation. The daughter's bedroom has feminine design elements like the rose wallpaper bed back, a motorized round bed & an overall pink and white colour scheme. This home blends comfort & aesthetics to result in a space that is unique & inviting.