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We hope that you find everything you need on this page. We are a group of young architects trying to build a platform for architects and especially architecture students. We will keep updating this page when we come across something new. We are searching for time-saving resources, as we architects are always in short of time.

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“All pictorial form begins with the point that sets itself in motion… The point moves … and the line comes into being—the first dimension. If the line shifts to form a plane, we obtain a two-dimensional element. In the movement from plane to spaces, the clash of planes gives rise to body (three-dimensional) … A summary of the kinetic energies which move the point into a line, the line into a plane, and the plane into a spatial dimension.”

- Francis D.K. Ching

Architecture: Form, Space & Order, a book by Francis D.K. Ching is one of the best books for the introduction of basics in architecture. This book consists of amazing illustrations that explains the language of architectural design. This could be the first book that any architecture student or architecture enthusiast could read.

The Language of Architecture, a book by Andrea Simitch and Val Warke explores the basic elements that build a language of Architecture. This book consists of explanatory images with twenty six topics such as Design Concept, context, analysis, environment, surface, scale and more.

This book should be on every architects shelf and mainly on every architecture students shelf, as this book guides you through all the basics you need to know in your architecture schooling years.