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Architecture & design - online resources for the minds that imagine & build our future world.

Architecture and design resources at a click of a button for young designers and students.

Archiol is an online aid for design inspiration and opportunities to showcase design solutions at a global scale. 

Join us and be a part of this global network of designers.

About us

Welcome to Archiol, your premier online architecture design magazine!

At Archiol, we are passionate about architecture and design, and our aim is to bring you the latest and most exciting developments in the field. Whether you're an architect, a design enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of well-crafted spaces, Archiol is the perfect platform for you.

Our magazine is a curated collection of articles, features, and interviews that showcase the work of talented architects from around the world. We delve into a wide range of architectural styles, from contemporary and minimalist designs to historic and culturally significant structures. We believe that architecture is a reflection of our society and has the power to shape our experiences and interactions with the built environment.

At Archiol, we strive to provide thought-provoking content that explores the creative process behind architectural design. Our articles delve into the inspirations, challenges, and solutions that architects face when bringing their visions to life. We showcase stunning visuals, including photographs, renderings, and architectural drawings, to give you a comprehensive understanding of each project.

In addition to featuring established architects, we also provide a platform for up-and-coming talents to share their innovative ideas and projects. We believe in fostering a sense of community among architects and designers, and we aim to create a space where ideas can be shared and celebrated.

Whether you're seeking inspiration for your own architectural projects, looking to stay informed about the latest trends in the industry, or simply appreciate the beauty of architecture, Archiol is your go-to resource. Join us on our journey as we explore the world of architecture and design, and discover the transformative power of the built environment.

Welcome to Archiol, where architecture and design come to life!

Archiol was founded in 2019 by an ambitious young architect named Sweta Mahesh. With a passion for architecture and a drive to make a difference in the industry, Sweta embarked on a journey to create a dynamic online platform that would inspire and connect architects and design enthusiasts worldwide.

Driven by a desire to bridge the gap between architecture and the digital world, Sweta founded Archiol. As a young architect herself, she understood the importance of having a platform that not only showcases exceptional architectural projects but also provides valuable resources and insights for aspiring architects and design enthusiasts.

Sweta envisioned Archiol as a vibrant community where architects could share their work, exchange ideas, and stay up to date with the latest trends and innovations in the field. She curated a diverse range of content, including in-depth articles, project showcases, interviews with industry experts, and educational resources, to ensure that Archiol serves as a comprehensive and engaging resource for its audience.

With her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to excellence, Sweta continues to lead Archiol, nurturing its growth and guiding its evolution. She remains dedicated to empowering young architects, promoting sustainable design practices, and fostering a global community that appreciates and celebrates the transformative power of architecture.

Our Team

Our team consists of Architects, designers, content creators, editors and more. A ever growing team of creatives that strongly believe in the field of architecture and design.


We currently have 11 interns working in our team from different parts of the world.

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