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A Cave of Contradiction

LiJiaxuan, TuYilan & LaiJiaqi

Check out the music piece by clicking the link below:

We have chosen a musical composition by Guilherme Bernardes.

Through the music we created an abstract and sensual space. This space is like a predicament, and the cycle of darkness makes it difficult to escape. The overall tone of this piece is dark and eerie, and the notes of CGE in the piece are constantly looped through rising and falling keys. The background sound of the song has rapid strings and water drops, and if you listen carefully, you can find echoes. The whole piece can be divided into two parts, the middle is a rapid string as a turning point. The structure and tune of the second half are basically the same as the first half, and the second half seems to be an echo of the previous music.

The music reminds us of the predicament of an empty, dark cycle that is hard to get out of. We designed a building with the same effect inside and outside, using the materials of mega-architecture and concrete to describe the sensory space that the music wants to express. We use CGE as the base component. Through the interspersed with huge components, create a depressing atmosphere in the music. The components are covered with water, and through the movement of people or the blowing of the wind, the water falls from the components to create the sound of water droplets in the background sound. The height of the components is used to deal with the sound of water droplets, and the repetition of transitions and compositions is used to reflect similar syllables in the music. In the center of the whole huge system, you can see the light entering the building. You seem to see an exit from the predicament. But as you walk towards the light, you will find that the surrounding environment is getting darker and darker, and the building starts to reappear. Once again you are caught up in contradictions and repetitions.

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