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A Phantansyland for No one

Ao Xu

The design is inspired by the growing number of sub-healthy people, especially the urban stress group. They are often in the middle of disease and subhealth, but there is no place where they can take a break from the real world and face the pressure of work and life in the steel forest.

The project is a conceptual design with sites including but not limited to the corner of the street. The project is conceptual in nature and includes, but is not limited to, the corner of a street, the unused space at the bottom of a high-rise, and other urban spaces. Most of the space is underground, with only a small portion of the space exposed above the surface in a landscape-style building, thereby attracting people who need to enter the space and begin a healing journey.

The underground space creates possibilities for meditation, walking, and play. The core of the design is inspired by the chrysalis that is transforming into a butterfly cocoon. The design also incorporates random, undirected, destiny dice and a chessboard to enrich the experience of the space as well as the architectural components and expressions.

In addition, the layers of symbolic and metaphorical dreams are translated into different spatial themes, which are arranged in the following order: sink into chaos, through the conventional order, escaping into the chrysalis, and the final of this experience——pupating on the Phantansyland.

Through such a healing journey, more time and space for solitude and self-meditation is gained for this group. This allows them to experience these spaces in a way that subconsciously influences their emotions, behaviors and deeper mind.

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