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Absolute Zobel

Andres Quevedo

The determination of forms, the correlation between the volumetric projection and its representation is the seat of the very first level of art, the architecture always permeable sees how this geometric formalism in its heading, roots the forms to their most objective value. The man who, before his doubt, replies and learns and yet we see the years in a calendar, let us see the centuries with the magnitude of the magnificence of the need to remember and the perpetuation of our values since at the end of the days we have left the value of a journey that we trace as individuals in a society. which ends up defining the need of who we are by responding to what we want to leave behind, to be, in the end, a projection.
Abstractism is perhaps the biggest foot marching in the breakdown of this relationship of object and projection, the breaking of values is not enough to express how immeasurable it is to abandon the taxation of the world to ask the question of What do we want to be? To our interior excluding our environment, an individual question, subjective but that is objectivist in society to give rise to next frontiers, as I imagine Giordano Bruno in - If you shoot an arrow infinitely until you reach the frontier of the world that will be on the other side of the wall, waiting for you to hit and climb back to that border, what's on the other side? An infinity and in this case, how much is the limit of abstractism? like man, infinite.
The scope is many times a Measure to understand our reality since, in the face of infinity, the catastrophe of not understanding our limits converges in a terrifying way but not for that reason monstrous or horrifying, in the end it is to reconcile that the forms in our mind are one answer to those questions; what are we? What do we want to leave as our present?
It is when it is brought to reality, that poetics urges the object and becomes part of the objective, it recovers its meaning in our society and it is then that objectualization provides the medium with a new element, so what is it? abstraction? It is a response to a problem that, when objectified, increases our reach as a society.

Fernando Zobel, a contemporary Spanish artist, is a great catalyst for the synthesizing element of responses, the interior of his paintings transmits in a great way a dynamic reality, if an answer to Who is it? And what do I want to contribute? They are masterful resolutions of color and shapes capable of giving the world a complete, poetic reach. Its reality. Like a dystopia, cold and incomprehensible with some uncertainty about the future but not without value.

Based on Zobel's responses, the interior was modulated, a proposal for a museum monument to impression, strong and passionate, designed to reside in a lonely desert, establishing itself as a space of rapport with Zobelian poetics, capable of helping the conversation of what we as a society can achieve.

The exterior glass panels enameled with a bronze tone that gives it the property of the Zobelian color, the exterior spaces are blocks that illuminate and support the visual weight of the central block that represents the box of humanity and in its interior the dynamic potential that Zobel provides.

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