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Mahtab Zohourian Vahidbaghban & Mina Rasouli

This concept is inspired by human beings, full of emotions, full of dark rooms and mazes, full of beauty and lights, a combination of good and bad. You may call it ADAM. An ancient global term with the same meaning in lots of cultures.

Gazing upon a stranger, you may perceive them as ordinary beings, adapting to their surroundings and reflecting the world surrounding them. Thus, we adorned the external walls of this museum with mirrors. Yet, if you look close enough, hear their tales, and walk in their shoes you would discover the intricacies and complexities that make each individual unique and different.

You notice some rough extrusions out of Adam’s smooth surface. These extrusions represent the emotions that people are no longer capable of hiding or the emotions that they are willing to show the world on purpose. They are mainly noticeable even from a distance.

As you walk through, you will face different spaces that hold various emotions. From curiosity to excitement and suddenly find yourself in absolute calmness. One moment you feel hope, the next step you experience frustration. You will happily walk on the yellow bridge with tall palm trees surrounding you and then the next moment you find yourself choosing between anger and disgust.

When you are trying to find your way in the maze of confusion you might fall into some emotional traps like fear, loneliness, sadness, anger, or even disgust. However, if you take your time and put in some effort you will anticipate that something pleasant awaits you.

While you passionately climb the stairs of salvation and progress in your journey you will achieve some level of vigilance. However, the journey of self-realization never ends. Humans can never reach perfection and absolute vigilance. that’s the end of our story...

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