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Ambiguous House

Yu Wen Ng

Minimalism is akin to ambient music. Generally, one often argues that music is open to one's own free interpretation, hence ‘ambiguous’. Ambient music, in particular, has neither definite musical 'form' nor persistent beat, it may be imagined to be represented by freely formed visual elements, such as waves.

Inspired by ambient music, I wanted to create a sort of ambiguous house that is form-fluid, minimalist, yet open, spacious, comfortable and functional to each person's needs (Quote from brief, the Smiths family - Mr Smith, homemaker who enjoys cooking, Mrs Smith, a digital artist who works from home, and little Smith, who is five and home-schooled).

The design is centred around a central staircase with skylight that leads from the ground floor where the kitchen (easily accessible to an outdoor herbs garden), living room and artist's studio are located, to the second floor, where the bedrooms and nursery are located. The plan is slim and fluid so that sunlight may infuse the house freely, just as ambient music may infuse the air and create different atmospheres throughout the day.

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