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Aqua-Domus: The Home on water...

Savee Desai, Disha Dabke & Sneha Adhyapak

Predicting the unpredicted future was a challenge we took on; Apocalyptic scenario is what we could think of. Global Warming is increasing they say, but a century later, what will it lay? Climatic Changes leading to melting of the Ice poles, with the earth full of water, what would increase in the water levels create? Land submerged in the water, Remaining highlands overcrowded with the increasing population, where would the others go? This design is based on the assumption that water levels would rise over 10 meters above land and the people would start creating their homes in/on water. With the concepts of Underwater Cities already being thought of in 2021, it opens up endless possibilities for us to imagine a dwelling in water. When we think of a “home” and a “house”, a home is a place of emotions. The people residing together are connected with each other on an emotional, mental, physical and even religious levels. The interdependence and the relationship of emotions is what makes a house a home. This we have tried to incorporate in our design, envisaging how our future generations would be. As the Gen-Z we are comparatively more fun loving and dynamic than the earlier generations, this mutation of character would definitely be seen a century later too. This design was an attempt to amalgamate a global level climatic crisis and an intangible aspect of brining the element of fun in the home of the four.
The spherical module is divided into 3 levels; and 4 zones: THE DOME, THE INTERIOR, THE SUBMERGED and THE FURNITURE.
The top level, the entrance level and the bottom level.
-The Entrance level has the living room, the dining and the kitchen, along with the
-Staircase on the internal periphery that goes up as well as down to the top and bottom levels respectively. The fun Element here is the entrance porch has a provision for letting the residents take a swim in the sea. The living room has a cut out where there is a sliding pole that takes the residents to the bottom level.
-The bottom level has 3 bedrooms, and two bathrooms. The sliding pole makes it easier for the lazy to just slide down to this level.
-The top level is a semi-open to sky area, this level is reserved for leisure. A hanging net mesh would allow the residents to sleep or sit in the mesh and watch the sky through the glass dome.
The Materials:
The dome would be made up of SOLAR GLASS PANELS, The glass that would envelope the entrance level would be made up of acrylic liquid filling glass according to the privacy needs. The lower Submerged part would be made up of FRP (Fibre-Reinforced Plastic and Plastic Foam used in Submarines and boats.

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