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Architecture and Sense

Doha Kim & Dayoung Lee
South Korea

Basic Sentences - Excerpts from the book "Architecture and Sense"
- " It is action that makes up the architectural experience. Rather than the visual form of the door, the action of hot air, the action of looking inside and outside the window rather than the physical object itself, and the action of occupying the area of warmth more than the fireplace as a visual design satisfy the architectural experience."

- Memories are where everyone faces warmth with other emotions. Experience in architecture begins with action, and action creates experience again, giving you the feeling and feeling. All these architectural experiences entrench memory, including space. We defined different architectural experiences as dimensions, and saw dimensions as my existence, dimensions as a space to remind me of them, emotions, and so on.

- We saw memory as a memory in which a space, place, or time that we identify with ourselves exists, i.e., a moment, and thought that memory was the most important component of our existential dimension. Dimensions are the sum of the space that ultimately begins with the senses and comes from the memories and experiences, and we focused on this part by facing the senses. He focused on displaying light, focusing on various emotions that can be felt through the sense of warmth. A single slope penetrating the underground and the ground is placed by volume layers of light of different shapes in three sections. A slope is set to swing a plurality of dimensions. The slope guides you around the volume layer and lets you touch the light at other points. carry a person from one hill to another.

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