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Bath - Relaxing & Healing

Anyi Liu, Haoze Pang

Awakening self-consciousness in social life.

When I think of healing space, I think of the forests and oceans with the ancient myths from Northern Europe. And we want to create an architecture that can connect the past and the future, making human beings communicate with nature and soul.

It is a Nordic bathing beach expressing pure space. The project is based on an island of Sweden with little limits. Due to the particularity of geography and climate in northern Europe, there have been many baths since ancient times, while playing a specific function, the bathing place is also used as a place for people to socialize. At the same time, these baths are often placed in natural scenes, which has its unique sanctity.

We used different interpersonal relationships as prototypes and different roof forms as carriers to translate to different spaces. And finally, multiple spaces were combined to create a fully functional bath building with rich spatial feelings. The purpose is to make the visitors feel the wonderful connection between interpersonal relationship and self-consciousness through spatial changes.

The process of knowing the world is also the process of awaken oneself. The process of healing is from exploration to understanding, from enlightenment to moving on.

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