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Between Realities

Ayushi Mistry, Sakshi Chheda & Betina Valentine

The site is located on the main spine of the Bandra Kurla Complex. Along the 16m wide road are mixed used buildings containing offices, diners, clubs and cafes, attracting a wide variety of crowds. The proximity to the Jio World Centre further gives it a diverse profile. Despite the diverse backgrounds of people, the site attracts, the spatial quality remains monotonous and bleak. The street, like the rest of the complex is lined with similar looking buildings with glass and concrete facades. Although the buildings attempt to stand out through different shape, the similarity of material and heights at human a scale seems like a mass of glass and concrete looming over you. Between Realities takes the site into consideration and converts part of the 8m wide footpath into an installation. The installation is meant to look immersive and can be felt too once a larger influx of people enters the installation. After a fixed number of people is exceeded, the installation opens up to accommodate the crowd. Once the crowd leaves, the installation automatically shuts giving it a sense of dynamism in the otherwise static life of BKC.
The highlighted panels above show the openable panels. When the number of people within a space increase more than 10, these panels would open to allow for more space. Once opened, the panels can be treated as floor space upon which people can walk.
It also provides the dynamism in an otherwise static installation. Initiating a movement to break the static nature of the neighbourhood to become more active and dynamic. To bring about a mix crowd to communicate with each other.

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