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Bike Museum

Wang Zhi & Xiong Xiang

The site is in Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Guangdong Province, China. Many sports venues were built during Asian Games, and most of the students used bicycles to travel. To respond to the theme of sports, build a sports culture in the Higher Education Mega Center, and promote communication between students from different universities, this museum uses bicycles as the theme to interact with urban greenways, Shorten the travel time within 3km of the Higher Education Mega Center, and encourage students to go out of the school through bicycles to exercise and communicate with other college students.

The museum's exhibition is mainly based on the kinesthetic sense as a clue, and on this basis, it is divided into two different sensory experience modes, indoor and outdoor.
Indoors, visitors walk upward along the spirally moving line, in a continuous and gradual space, using sight, hearing and other senses to appreciate the exhibits.
Outdoors, tourists ride bicycles between the outdoor and semi-outdoor tracks, using tactile and kinesthetic senses to experience the space, and at the same time communicate and interact visually with the interior through the reflection glass curtain wall.

This dynamic sensory viewing mode not only increases visitors’ understanding of the history, culture, and value of bicycles during the exhibition, but also provides visitors with opportunities to tell their stories about themselves and bicycles, triggering a dialogue and thinking on bicycles and a better life in the future.

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