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Biophilic New Venice

Yu Li

This proposal aims to create a new biophilic community for Venice, which focuses on creating green community life for local residents. It basically composts by triangular islands connected by pedestrian and community garden.
By the site analysis, I found that there are two main problem exists in Venice: lack of greenery and public community spot. Also, I analysis the human behavior of local Venice. Therefore, this proposal will focus on solving these two problem and in line with local behavior.
Begin with the typological transformation, the single building in one unit is created. The rotation of geometry will create the vertical connection inside and small gardens outside. The vertical greenery and water drainage system are inserted in curved column. This can effectively achieve rainwater harvesting and water reuse combined with biophilic approach. There are two housing type related to the building. One is duplex apartment; one is flat apartment.
Each triangular islands contains 3 buildings. The island geometry is formed with two approaches: from the Venice local marble pattern and extract the edges from combination of three buildings. Each island has a central community garden, and three private garden.
Follow the open grid system, there are two-unit type. Both unit type are connected with the communal island. In unit type 2, two islands are connected together two buildings above the water. Therefore, the three hierarchy of garden system are created: private garden, shared garden above the water, and community garden. The open grid design of masterplan also ensures the good natural connection and site circulation.
There are two ways for residents to commute: pedestrian and canal. The main pedestrian is elevated up, and connects most of the island. It also connects to the two communal islands, water market and recreation plaza, in the center of the whole community. The waterway commute in this proposal also follows the local Venice human behavior. Specifically, some buildings are directly facing and touching the water, and some pedestrians are designed in between the canal and building, which is the space for cafe and restaurant.
In conclusion, this proposal created the new residential community with green community and green building, which follows the traditional behavior in old Venice, but offers a new lifestyle.

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