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Blind Light

Yuting Cai, Hongyang Deng, Jiakang Liang & Yufu Li

The Blind Experience Museum is located in a secluded part of the forest, surrounded by heaven and earth with an inclusive manner.

The ring-shaped pavilion simulates the life experienced by a person with good vision until their vision becomes weak and blind. In the first half and the end of the half of the ring body, through the change of the height of the wall, so as change the amount of light, to control the light and dark of the space, to simulate the change of vision.

In a completely dark space, we simulate the daily life of the blind. In this space, we select some slices of daily life, so that people with normal vision can experience and feel the perspective of the blind, and perceive the design through touch, hearing, smell, and taste. To feel a world that we ignore and a world that we ignore. Thus, arousing people's love for life and concern for the blind.

In the center of the ring building is an empty lawn surrounded by earth walls, facing the forest, listening to the birds, thinking and reflecting under the vast sky. Arouse the sensitivity of other senses except vision. In daily life, people over-rely on vision, thus weakening the sensitivity of other senses. However, the experience of the venue makes people pay attention to other senses again. And re-examine whether the facilities that provide assistance to the blind in society are really suitable and arouse empathy for the blind.

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