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Bohemian Design

Abhishek Guha, Malhar Garg & Sreeharshini Ganti

Our concept of Bohemian design focuses on the beauty of the lifestyle that encourages individuality, uniqueness and personalised sense of aesthetic.
Anything that our brain desires or interprets as suitable for our ambience according to our aesthetic sensibilities caters to the bohemian style.
Human brain can be very erratic and can spontaneously get attached or develop a liking towards anything, whether it be a hobby, food, a colour or a piece of furniture.
Bohemian is such a design style that accepts you and your ideas irrespective of your surroundings, background and financial status. We wanted to depict this philosophy of bohemianism through our mood board and educate people about the design style.

Moving on we further elaborate and shed light upon the concept of bohemian culture and its underrated beauty of the style. Emphasis on the interior style of bohemian is maintained in our illustrations as well.

“Bohemian” is not just a style, it's a way of living, a culture and a way of expressing one's ideologies and preferences.
With origins in 19th century France, Bohemianism emerged as a stylistic, unorthodox and anti-establishment focused movement. It based itself around the living philosophy of wanderers, gypsies and vagabonds. Traces of bohemianism can be found spread across several different fields of arts ranging from architecture to fashion, music to gastronomy; conducting itself as an artistic representation of a modest yet radical outlook to life.
The core essence of this subculture is the belief that each human being is unique and has a role to play in the betterment of the world.

Bohemian furniture is not something that you find in one store or source in a day, it has to be slowly acquired from flea markets, second hand stores, vintage shops or it may even be handcrafted by self as a project. Each piece of bohemian furniture has a story behind it. It's acquired and passed on with love and care. The hunt for these unique pieces will take you exploring new places and creating new memories, and when put in a room that's what it will reflect, the life you have lived and the adventures you have had.

As we understand it, this style is a play on different cultures, colours, patterns, textures, artifacts which finally turns into a beautiful amalgamation of styles and aesthetics.

Even Though all the elements of this style are unique and have different origins , they form a harmonious blend which pleases both one's eyes and one's mind.

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