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Bohemian Style

Himani T, Koduri Nagasrivatsa and Oishani Chowdhury

Popularly known as the boho style and widely known for its fashion influence with the same name. The term ‘Bohemian’ is an adjective for the people living an unconventional life, care free and have lifestyle filled with artistic vibes. The style involves forms of art, music and literary pursuit. The origin of The Bohemian style is from the Balkan areas taken by the name of the place ‘Bohemia’.

It was during the 18th century French Revolution where the Bohemians were actually recognised. The ‘poverty’ which they referred to by always was a result of the climatic, economic factors that led them to wear ‘used old clothing’. After the economic stabilisation the artists chose to wearing these creative clothing and hence became their signature style.

Dating back to 19th century in France, ‘Bohemian’ were used to describe the poor. By mid 1800s gradually the definition for the term experienced changes to ‘non-conventional’ via the French authors of that time. The Romantic art era had an association to the French Bohemians.

They resorted to wearing colourful materials, oriental inspired, very gypsy accessories and old clothing and distorted fabric. It became the trendsetting fashion of the era.

The Bohemian style in general has a warm colour palette followed by use of geometric patterns that are inspired by the Persian designs. They also go with pastel shades and vibrant colours for accentuating the design. It’s either decorated heavily or is quite minimal where just a particular feature is accentuated.

Lace, turquoise, crochet, leather, denim were the materials they used. Wood is a constant feature of their furniture design and decoration. They follow trellis, floral, folk, paisley and lattice patterns in their designs. Macramé is used for decorations and even lighting designs. Embroidery, studs, frieze, pom-poms, appliques and tassels are their other feature of aesthetics.

Their clothing did undergo a process of growth and have had influences in fashion and design industry in general. In fashion there is:
1. The Hippie Bohemian
2. The 70s Bohemian
3. The Romantic Bohemian
4. The Edgy Bohemian
5. The Country Bohemian
6. The Eclectic Bohemian
7. The Chic Bohemian.

Throughout the evolution the aesthetic features always remained constant. It always became a better or a newer version of what existed before. It’s a personal take on design and style after all some may love the elevated design while some resort to the minimalistic style. Either ways the Bohemian style has had a wider impact around the world. If not Bohemian as a style can be seen in many other communities as well. The Bohemian style did evolve from a region and has its history hence the significance of the name.

One can observe the similarities in the Bohemian style to many tribal designs as well. The patterns are taken from nature or are significant to the group in some way. The colours are vibrant and/or earthy tones. The trend of the Bohemian style sometimes fades and sometimes becomes the limelight where it gets to relive again. In this modern days the style though still survives where it gets widely used in interior design and deco’s and sometimes in fashion as a fusion style.

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