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BohoBund Getaway

Jing Wen Chong & See Qi Tong

Shanghai, stands as a global metropolis renowned for its cosmopolitan outlook and remarkable inclusivity. It's a city where the modern and the traditional converge in a beautiful symphony of architectural styles, reflecting its open embrace of diversity. In particular, the Shanghai Lilong buildings exemplify this harmonious blend of Chinese and Western architectural elements, harmonizing traditional Chinese patios with the structured layout characteristic of Western communities. This very fusion of cultures and styles served as the inspiration behind selecting this location as the canvas for our bohemian hostel design, where we aim to create a bridge between Shanghai's rich heritage and the free-spirited bohemian style.

With our site nestled within an urban conservation area, we've been inspired by the rich architectural legacy of Shanghai, opting to carry forward these esteemed characteristics. Our choice of the facade materials is grey brick, and concrete, wood, and greenery for the interior. Not only underscores our commitment to bridging the gap between old and new but also symbolizes the enduring connection between the city's past and its exciting future.

Stepping inside our building, a central courtyard takes center stage, an enchanting space designed to beckon visitors and foster a sense of unity. Surrounding this central oasis is an expansive public area, thoughtfully crafted to accommodate a myriad of activities, serving as a vibrant hub where individuals from all corners of the world can converge and share their stories.

Furthermore, we've consciously adopted the traditional community layout, with branching roads connecting the central public space to every corner of the building. This layout not only pays tribute to Shanghai's architectural heritage but also underscores our commitment to facilitating unity, connectivity, and shared experiences among the occupants. Our aim is to create not just a space for individuals but a thriving, inclusive community, embodying the very essence of Shanghai's international spirit while infusing it with the bohemian lifestyle that values individuality and creativity.

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